Quantitative Speaker Series

Fall 2023

Date Topic Speaker
Dec 7 Disentangling multi-timescale latent processes in high-intensity repeated mobile cognitive assessments Zita Oravecz
Nov 7 Latent Growth Factors as Predictors of Distal Outcomes: Completing the Triad Patrick J. Curran
Oct 19 Mom Genes: A new extended pedigree model for quantifying the contributions of mitochondrial DNA S. Mason Garrison

Spring 2023

Date Topic Speaker
Apr 20 Methodological considerations in data fusion using Bayesian synthesis Katerina Marcoulides
Apr 6 Incorporating Meta-Science in the development of mediation and moderation analysis Amanda Montoya
Mar 9 Estimating the standardized average treatment effect with missing outcome data Samantha Anderson
Feb 16 To what extent is there really a replication (and reproduction) crisis? Stephen West

Fall 2022

Date Topic Speaker
Dec 1 Measurement invariance testing in item factor analysis Kevin Grimm
Nov 17 Some development and applications of longitudinal data analysis methods in psychology research Peggy Wang
Sep 22 Jack McArdle’s influence on me and my work Sarfaraz Serang

Spring 2022

Date Topic Speaker
May 3 Prevalence, Influences, and Handling Methods of Non-normal Data Johnny Zhang
Apr 19 Engineering an intervention to achieve EASE: The multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) Linda Collins
Mar 22 Measurement Practices, Metascience, and the Methodological Reform Movement Jessica Flake

Fall 2021

Date Topic Speaker
Nov 16 A Discussion on The Uses of Power Jolynn Pek
Oct 19 Applications of Data-Driven Methods for Studying Dynamic, Person-Specific processes Kathleen Gates
Oct 5 On networks and online Russian trolls:
How can the total entropy fit index be applied to optimize the number of embedded dimensions used in dynamic exploratory graph analysis, and why does it matter?
Hudson Golino

Spring 2021

Date Topic Speaker
Apr 27 Similar Predictions from Different Models: Exploring the Space of Model Similarity Christopher Beam
Mar 30 Cognition and Achievement: Isn’t it about time we cancelled IQ? Nayena Blankson
Mar 2 Recent Progress on Bayesian Structural Equation Models Ed Merkle